Stir Fry & Sauces 4.0


What will you Learn?
1. Asian Vegetables in Hot Garlic Sauce
2. Mushroom in Black Pepper Sauce
3. Mongolian Paneer
4. Fried Tofu and Pokchoy in Thai Lemon Basil Sauce
5. Steamed Asparagus with Ginger Coriander Sauce
6. Brocolli Tossed in Sweet Chili Sauce
7. Vegetables in Chili Garlic Sauce
8. Corn in Honey Sriracha Sauce

1) Hot garlic sauce
2) Sweet chili sauce
3) Chili garlic sauce
4) Honey sriracha sauce
6) Black pepper sauce
7) Mongolian sauce
8) Lemon basil sauce
9) Ginger coriander sauce

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