Salad in Bowl


Chef Poonam Bindra is here with an Amazing Class, where you will learn to make 10 Delicious, Amazing & Perfect Salad in Bowl at Home! (With Easily Available Ingredients)

What will you learn?
1. Zucchini fritters with Pomegranate dressing
2. Greek dressing with Root vegetables
3. Persian aubergine with Quinoa salad bowl
4. Bean Salad bowl
5. Japanese soba noodle bowl
6. Low-calorie vegetable bowl
7. Vietnamese vermicelli bowl
8. High protein bowl
9. Mexican vegetable bowl
10. Smoothie bowl

1. Pomegranate Dressing
2. Greek Dressing
3. Asian Dressing
4. Peanut Sauce
5. Lean Green Dressing
6. Dipping Sauce
7. Low-Carb Dressing
8. Chimichurri Dressing
9. Salsa

1. Lifetime Recording Access
2. Written PDF Notes
3. After-Class Support
4. Access to Poonam Bindra’s Inner Circle


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