Healthy Wraps & Rolls Class


Chef Poonam Bindra is back with Healthy Wraps & Rolls Class. Learn the Recipes & Techniques involved in Making 10 Amazing & Healthy Wraps & Rolls at Home.

What will you learn..?
1. Multigrain Wrap Dough
2. Beetroot Wrap Dough
3. Barbequed Vegetable with Goat Cheese
4. California Sushi Wrap
5. Corn & Bean Enchilada
6. Salsa & Cheese Tropical
7. Grilled Zucchini, Bean & Cheese Quesadilla
8. Thai Salad Wrap
9. Paneer Malai Tikka Wrap
10. Peppery Mushroom Wrap

1. Lifetime Recording Access
2. Written PDF Notes
3. After-Class Support
4. Access to Poonam Bindra’s Inner Circle


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