Healthy Soup 2.0


What will you Learn?
1. Truffle Mushroom Cappuccino
2. Roasted Red pepper soup
3. Tomato Pomelo and Galangal Gazpacho with Mango Ceviche
4. Garlicky Spinach & Kaffir Lime Soup with Shitake Mushroom
5. Pad Thai Noodle Soup
6. Korean Tofu Kimchi Soup
7. Miso Coconut Soup
8. Vegan Pho

✅ Tomato soup
✅ Weight loss soup
✅ Minestrone pesto soup
✅ Thinai soup with millet
✅ Broth Recipe

✅ Lifetime Recording Access
✅ PDF Recipe Document
✅ Private Whatsapp Group with Chef
✅ Product Sourcing Details
✅ Access to Poonam Bindra’s Inner Circle
✅ Access to PB’s Students Only Club


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