Gourmet Indian Salads Salad & Dressings

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What Will You Learn?
1. Tandoori Paneer Caesar Salad
2. Tandoori Parmesan Dressing
3. Pan Seared Water Chestnut
4. Quinoa Tikki Salad and Moilee Dressing
5. Chipotle Lime Bhutta and Smoked Cheese Salad
6. Spicy Mango Dressing
7. Cumin Spiced Goat Cheese Fritters
8. Garlicky Spinach Dressing
9. Aloo Tuk and Pan Fried Pea Salad
10. Mustard Dill Cream Dressing
11. Baingan Bharta Salad Cups
12. Crunchy Salad Cups
13. Kurkuri Masala Bhindi, Tempered Yogurt Sauce and Karela Chips
14. Garlic Chickpea Koliwada Salad
15. Lime Coriander Cream Dressing and Pomegranate Salsa

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1 review for Gourmet Indian Salads Salad & Dressings

  1. Poornima Kochhar

    I found the course appealing.. will know more after the course begins….

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